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CH Campbell Elementary Administration


Travis Lavery, Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

We are very pleased that you and your child are a part of our school. We feel that school should be a place where your child can develop qualities, habits, and skills to be productive life-long learners. 

At C. H. Campbell, parents, teachers and staff make every effort to establish an atmosphere that exudes warmth, caring, and emphasizes high educational standards. In an effort to continue this tradition, parents are requested to visit our website and stay connected to the happenings and events throughout our district. Parents please continue to encourage your children to always put forth their best effort. We can ask no more of our children or ourselves and should expect no less.

Our responsibilities are many, but together we can work together to ensure a successful school career for every child. This website has been prepared to help you become more knowledgeable about your school and district. It is our hopes that this website will prove to be a powerful tool to develop a closer working relationship between the home and school. 

We believe that the attitudes and goals established by our school are in keeping with the high standards of excellence you have set for your child.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help your child grow and mature!


Travis Lavery
Principal, C. H. Campbell Elementary School